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Sales Fraternity is a Johannesburg, Gauteng based marketing recruitment agency with over 10 years in placing Marketing specialists. From graduates to experienced staff at all levels; Content writers, SEO copywriters, Journalists, Junior/Senior Marketing Managers to name but a few of the job responsibilities we recruit for.

Marketing recruitment made easy, across South Africa through our virtual offices we are able to  provide services as a:

(1) Marketing Recruitment Agency in Cape Town (2) Marketing Recruitment Agency in Durban.

We got you covered. 

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Why use a marketing recruitment agency?

Increased Sales

Good quality marketing managers have the ability to drive business results and increase your return on investment tenfold 

Innovation & New Product Ideas

Top talent in marketing roles will innovate your business as a whole and increase your brand recognition 

Cost Savings

When sales are peaking & brand awareness is high, marketing efforts will result in cost savings as marketing expenses begin to decline. An in-house marketing team is always less expensive than hiring a marketing or advertising agency to handle marketing and promotional activities.

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