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Sales Fraternity is a Johannesburg, Gauteng based sales force recruitment agency with over 10 years in placing from internal, external, business development, field managers, Key Account Managers at varying levels of seniority from Junior to Director level; to name but a few of the job responsibilities we recruit for. Sales force recruitment made easy, across South Africa;

Sales recruitment made easy, our virtual offices cover you all over South Africa.

(1) Sales Recruitment Agency Cape Town (2) Sales Recruitment Agency Gauteng.

We got you covered.

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Increased Profits

Increasing the bottom line, is that not what we are all striving for. A sales force that will deliver on profit expectations when we need it most.

Experience & New Perspective

Our ability to source great sales candidates & match them to your business requirements, has been our core business for the past 10 years, with 1,600 + candidates placed & over 14,000 interviewed on film.

Shortening the Cycle

Apart from the 14,000 + candidates that we represent, we have access to our own recruitment portals and a significant social media presence combined with a company brand synonymous with Sales.

Let us take the burden off your shoulders and allow us to present quality candidates to bolster your Sales Force, within 5 – 9 working days.

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