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Sales Fraternity is a Johannesburg, Gauteng based medical recruitment agency with over 10 years in placing from detailing representatives, wound care & orthopaedic specialists at varying levels of seniority; to name but a few of the job responsibilities we recruit for.

Medical recruitment made easy, across South Africa.

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Why use our Medical recruitment agency?

Profits, Servicing & Technical Knowledge

All of the above are critical factors, for varying position in the Medical fraternity. You need a partner that understands the difference between a ‘detailing’ rep and an ‘orthopaedic’ specialist.


Experience a Broader Base of Candidates

As far back as 10 years ago, we cut our teeth in the medical sector placing dozens of strategic positions for satisfied clients. If you haven’t experienced the digital age of recruitment, now is the time.

Expedited Process and Recruitment Quota’s met

Apart from the 14,000 + candidates that we represent, we have access to our own recruitment portals and a significant social media presence combined with a company brand synonymous with Sales.

Let us take the burden off your shoulders and allow us to present quality medical candidates to bolster your Sales or Technical Force, within 5 – 9 working days.

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