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Sales Fraternity is a Johannesburg based IT recruitment agency with over 10 years in placing IT specialists.

From graduates to experienced staff at all IT levels; IT junior/senior support staff, Project managers, Technical staff, Custom Website developers, Javacript and C+ , WordPress Developers, Google Specialists & Microsoft Licensing/Support staff, to name but a few of the job responsibilities we recruit for.

IT recruitment made easy, our virtual offices cover you all over South Africa.

(1) IT Recruitment Agency Cape Town (2) IT Recruitment Agency Gauteng.

We got you covered.

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Trust Factor

Lessen your risk. . .we screen, video record & facilitate the online recruitment process for you. We source well trained educated staff in the IT sector and deliver on time.

Time is money, save it!

Finding highly qualified top talent can be a tiring process. Luckily, that is our bread and butter. Leave us to do the dirty work! Save time, money and increase efficiency within your business.

Background Checks

No one gets past our rock solid background check. Using our IT Recruitment agency we will facilitate the full process of background checks & making sure all neccessary requirements are met before submitting any candidates to you, the employer. 

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