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Becoming a Top South African Recruitment Agency, took a lot of hard work, trial, and error. Our journey started over 10 years ago when we left the corporate fold and embarked on recreating the sales recruitment landscape. At the time no-one had thought of introducing candidate video profiles as part of the submission to the Client process. We thought it was imperative. As a Sales Director of my own team, so often I would read what I deemed to be the perfect resume only to be disappointed when meeting the candidate in person. Enter Video Profiles which was a game-changer for our Clients as it allowed Clients to quickly identify candidates that met the cultural/company profile. We are proud to say that we have placed over 1,600 candidates in the last decade and have solidified our name in the market, as one of the Top South Africa Recruitment Agencies. Carpe diem – Give us a call!


 Our process is as follows:


1. Comprehensive sales specifications would be advertised

2. Candidates would then be pre-vetted and only quality applicants presented

3. Candidates would be video interviewed for the clients perusal

4. A series of generic sales questions would be asked in the video interview

5. Resumes & Video Submissions would be submitted to the client

6. All the above results in a faster, more effective placement and matching of candidate to client culture and job specification


If you are tired of doing things the old fashioned way and need good quality sales staff that you can rely on to increase turnover, then call, email or contact us now.




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Ross Devine

Ross Devine

Owner at Sales Fraternity

A sales leader who for over two decades mentored to sales and marketing leaders in growing their market share. A B2B/B2C sales trainer and specialist in the DM/MLM arena. A sales recruitment adviser, to top blue chip corporate’s. My aim was always to try and provide a hassle free solution to corporate entities and HR partners in the acquisition of top quality sales staff. In turn whilst treating candidates in respectful manner throughout the recruitment process.

Brigitta De Pontes

Brigitta De Pontes

Partner at Sales Fraternity

A role model for all Sales Professionals, dedicated to not only to servicing our key “Blue Chip” accounts but to the creation of lasting relationships for the mutual benefit of all parties. The driving force behind the scenes.