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Where did it all begin?

Sales Fraternity as a unique ‘boutique’ agency was born nearly 10 years ago.

Partners, Ross Devine and Brigitta De Pontes had both come out of corporate sales environments and had experienced the difficulties of hiring quality sales staff.

Let’s face it; It is all about increasing the bottom line and skillful sales staff, are the key to success.

Over the years we have successfully placed over 1400 professional sales members, in all industry sectors and across all levels of seniority. We have supported from ‘blue chip entities’ to sole proprietors, in ensuring that their sales targets were on track.

Video profiling of candidates has set us apart from competitors, in streamlining the process and affording you, the client the ability to shortlist over a cup of coffee.

Currently we have over 8,500 screened & profiled sales candidates on film, from a CV submission base of over 80,000 potential candidates.

As an agency, we pride ourselves on providing a service based experience, with exceptional response times and a proactive approach to recruitment.

Tired of the burden of recruiting staff, hand it over to the professionals:

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