Telemarketing requires you to market your company’s products or services by means of phone calls to potential customers. The ‘Business by Telephone’ process involves PLANNING AHEAD, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, PRACTICE, and finally making the CALL.

 1.      PLAN AHEAD

·         It is important to prepare a SCRIPT before jumping into the cold-calling process. This will ensure that you are providing the customer with well thought out and out-of-the-box information. Kathy Sisk – who is a consultant specializing in inbound and outbound call centre training, recruiting and outsourcing services – argues that “most scripts do not provide enough focus in the flow for agents to easily channel from the “introduction” to “post close” call phases.”

·         Thorough RESEARCH should be conducted on the potential client, in order to gain the knowledge that will assist you in explaining to the client how exactly they can benefit from your services.

·         Prepare POSSIBLE ANSWERS to potential questions the customer may have.


·         Customers do not want to know that you are having a BAD DAY, so it is important to leave your personal life at home.

·         Maintain your ENTHUSIASM throughout the process.

·         The customer wants to feel like they are the only one. Avoid using words that are a nuisance or intimidating, and focus on language that is positive, assertive and LOYAL. For example: “My company requested that I contact you PERSONALLY.”


·         REJECTION is part of the process. For example, the client will attempt to end the conversation by stating that “I’m not interested”. To which you should respond: “I respect that. But I would like to provide you with more details about our new product. Would that be all right with you?”

·         Practice and experiment with different strategies that will hold the Decision Makers interest and prevent them from getting BORED.

 4.      THE CALL

·         The service you provide will be MEMORABLE, if you give everyone you come in contact with the RESPECT they deserve.

·         Customers want to know what’s in it for them. Make sure you spark the customers interest and CURIOSITY, which will encourage them to ask questions.

·         Make sure you have a BACKUP PLAN. For example, attempt to persuade the customer to hang onto your contact details, so that they have your information on file when they require your services.