Customer Service poses a challenge to every organisation, and requires continuous focus, adaptation and a simple systematic approach. Flavio Martins, the VP of Operations and Customer Service at DigiCert Inc, states that customer experience involves every process including before, during, and after the Sale. He notes further that majority of customers who leave a company, do so because they feel undervalued. Organisations need to therefore adopt a Customer Service Strategy that guarantees that their customers will keep coming back for more.

Doctor Stephanie Parson argues that “customer satisfaction is worthless… customer LOYALTY is priceless.”

According to Guy Arnold who is the Founder of Sales Through Service, the purpose of Customer Service is to retain your client base for a long period of time by creating and improving the customer experience. This can be achieved through gaining the customers loyalty, creating a good reputation for your organisation, which will warrant long term success, and lastly guarantee that customers will refer your service to others.

A survey conducted by Econsultancy asked organisations “what is the primary way your organization will seek to differentiate itself from competitors?”. The results concluded that organisations want to focus on providing a fun and quality Customer Experience!

So how can your organisation improve its Customer Service? Here are a few tips:

• First Impressions Count

• Honest & Clear Communication is Key

• Maintain a Positive & Welcoming Environment

• Go Beyond the Customers’ Expectations

• Build and maintain a Healthy Relationship

• Solve Problems & Provide Solutions

• Provide Customer Support

• Follow Service Through to The End

• Ask Your Customers for Feedback