We decided to approach Marinda, who is an Image Consultant that specializes in presentation skills, to assist us in answering this question. Her response was as follows:

“Organisations invest substantial budgets in establishing a strong company image or brand. Companies realise that their clients buying decisions are influenced by how well they relate to the brand, and how credible and trustworthy they perceive the brand to be.”

“As individuals, our success will be impacted by our own branding and image. In today's competitive environment where customers and employers have choice, it becomes critical to our own business success to establish our own unique brand that sends a strong message about: who we are, what our area of expertise is, and how credible and trustworthy we are.”

“It's important to maintain this brand. We are required to "walk the talk" everyday even on Casual Friday where the emphasis should be placed on Business Casual. Casual to the mall on a Saturday morning is different too casual at the office on a Friday.”

Marinda provided us with some great advice on what to consider when deciding on your Office Dress Code:

• Is it appropriate?
• Is it current?
• Does it fit well?
• Colours will influence.
• Jewellery should be quiet.
• Personal grooming must be impeccable.

by Jeandé Elizabeth Lück