The first time that you join an organization, your goal should not simply be to show up for work and receive one pay check after another. You joined the company in the first place to be part of its growth, and allow the organization to be the start of your professional career. At some point, you’d want to take on new tasks and play a bigger role in the business. One such role that you may want to take on is becoming a rainmaker. Read on to find out what it is, which tasks are involved when you are a rainmaker, and how to become one.


What is a Rainmaker?


No matter which industry it is that your organization is in, there is one employee who will be considered the rainmaker. Simply put, a rainmaker generates new income sources for a business. This is done by establishing connections outside the traditional. For example, if you’re an accounting firm who has a slew of regular clients, the rainmaker will look outside the usual business channels to look for new prospective clients. Those who are in sales will come up with new ideas on how to sell products.


There’s really no one skills set that a rainmaker should have, because it all depends on the nature of the organization. There is also no school that teaches rainmakers how they do what they do, but the skills on becoming one can be developed over time.


 Tips on How to Become a Rainmaker


If you want to become a valuable employee in your organization, here are a few tips on how to become a rainmaker:

·         Know exactly what’s expected of you.

As a rainmaker, a lot is expected of you. The term is coined from the fact that rainmakers are expected to make business rain. You should know how to grab as many customers as you can, how to generate more profit for the company, and how to hang on to your existing customers for their repeat business.


·         Learn how to build your brand in the minds of your target market.

Another thing that rainmakers should be good at is establishing the brand in the minds of your organization’s target market. If the company has a product that is geared towards women, what can you do to build a demand for what you’re selling?


·         Treat everyone you meet as a prospective customer or client.

Expanding your social and business networks, while treating everyone you meet as a prospective customer or client, is the one thing that rainmakers in all industries have in common. Your goal, after all, is to increase the number of customers that your business has in a manner that’s as steady as raindrops. This is something that you can only achieve if you will find hidden business opportunities, and grab ones that already exist.



·         Be proactive!

Rainmakers are also proactive in the sense that they participate in seminars, classes, or conferences which will keep them updated with the latest developments in their particular industry.


All in all, rainmakers are showered with perks, referrals, promotions and bonuses because of the additional income that they help generate for a business. If you think that you have what it takes, you should definitely consider becoming the next rainmaker in your company.