Are you a job seeker who is fresh out of college? Or maybe you have reached that point in your career when you are in dire need of a new working environment? You could also be in between jobs and looking for a better career opportunity. No matter which of these categories you fall under, the one thing that you should ace is that job interview.

When you’re applying for any type of job position, you are usually in competition with several other applicants. If all the candidates’ resumes are of equal footing, the one thing that will make you stand out is how you did at your job interview. Before you even get judged at how you answered the interview questions, your dress code will play a big part in the impression that you will give off to the interviewer. 

In Job Interviews, First Impressions Last

Let’s say that you passed the preliminary screening tests for a prime position at an advertising agency. An appointment for a job interview was set up, and you showed up on time on the big day. At this point, the one thing that you need to remember is that first impressions do last. No Human Resources manager will even give you the time of day if you come to the interview dressed sloppily. Following a dress code – be it business casual or business professional – is the best way to leave a lasting impression.


Power Dressing Tips for Men and Women 

Now that you already have an idea about how important your dress code is in the interview process, exactly how should you look like on the day of the interview? Here are a few tips to remember for men and women job applicants:


For Female Job Applicants:

·         Decide if you’re going to wear a pantsuit for or a skirt and an office-appropriate top. For skirts, dark colors with a pencil cut and a knee-length hemline always works.

·         When in doubt, go for something classic like a black pencil dress. Wear it with or without a jacket and match it with a professional-looking purse or clutch.

·         A well-tailored business suit is another way to go. If you do have one that’s from a designer line, that is a good way to make an impression – but you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for it. As long as the suit is cut well, tailored excellently and fits your body nicely, then that should be fine.

·         Keep your jewelry pieces to a minimum. A pair of not-so-big earrings, a classic watch or a bracelet and closed pumps with not-too-high heels will complete your look. 

For Male Job Applicants:

·         Suits are always a good choice for male job applicants. Choose ones in dark colors like navy, gray or blue-gray. The material should be 100% wool, or a mixture of polyester and wool.

·         Long-sleeved white shirts and silk ties should complete your look.

·         Grooming for men also counts – too much facial hair is a no-no. If a beard is part of your look, make sure that it is well-trimmed and neat. Resist the temptation to wear cologne, and a professional-looking watch always helps.


By following these tips, you will arrive at the interview room looking dressed for success.