defines Conflict Management as “the practice of being able to identify and handle conflicts sensibly, fairly, and efficiently.Conflict in the workplace is inevitable and should be resolved as soon as possible. There


1.      Identify Sources of Conflict: The HR Council argues that it is important to understand the various sources of conflict, in order for an organisation to equip itself with the relevant tools needed to address the conflict. The types of conflict in the workplace include: values, power, economic, interpersonal, organizational and environmental.


2.      Ask Questions: Share and clarify the various perspectives and ensure that the parties involved are heard and understood. Vivian Scott, a Writer for Dummies, suggests questions to ask such as “what would you like to see happen?” and “what ideas do you have that would meet both our needs?


3.      Mediation Process: Alexander Kjerulf, Founder of Woohoo Inc., suggests strategies that will assist the Mediator during the conflict management process which includes:


a.      Identifying the observable facts.

b.      Parties involved in the conflict must acknowledge their contribution to the situation.

c.       Praise the parties involved in order to move forward on a positive note.

d.      “Outlining the consequences of the conflict shows why it’s necessary to resolve the conflict. It also helps participants to look beyond themselves and see the conflict ‘from the outside’.”

e.      All parties should negotiate, agree on, and aim towards a desired outcome.

f.        Decide on the actions that should be taken.


4.      Alternative Solutions: There are various internal (e.g. Human Resources) and external (e.g. Conflict Coaches) resources available, that can provide assistance during the conflict resolution process if necessary.


5.      Follow Through: Guide and monitor the employees through the steps required to remedy the situation and ensure that progress is being made. It is important to implement strategies that will prevent future conflict.