In a world of Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google and other popular websites, does a traditional sales method like cold calling still have its place in the business industry? Definitely. Despite the complaints of customers receiving telemarketing calls which most think are annoying and a big waste of time, it still is an effective way to close a sale from a marketer’s point of view. No matter what type of product or service it is that you are offering to your customers, cold calling or telemarketing is an age-old selling tradition that still undoubtedly works.


Why Cold Calling is Still Relevant 

If you’re not a believer of this classic sales technique, let us enumerate the reasons why cold calling is still relevant these days. First, a phone call is the most personal way to get your message across to the customers. Paying prospective customers a visit or interacting with them through chain stores is too costly and require a lot of maintenance. But when you do something like cold calling, you can add that personal touch to your sales technique without spending too much on company resources.


Another reason why cold calling is still a relevant sales technique is because it helps you keep up with the competition. No business wants to be left behind especially when it comes to what their direct competitors are doing. With sales calling, you can have the edge over similar companies because they may not necessarily be using this technique to market their products or services. If they are, then you at least can keep up with what they’re doing and maybe gain some advantage later on.


Cold calling also allows you to be a proactive seller without leaving the comforts of your office. Not only does it save company resources, but it also lets you proactively offer your services or products to a niche audience.


Easy Tips for Making Cold Calling a Successful Sales Strategy  

Now that you already have an idea about the importance of cold calling, here is a list of a few quick tips on how you can achieve modern, successful results when using an old sales technique:


·         Leave a lasting impression to the people you will call.

Since your voice is the only contact that you will have to the customer, make sure that the volume, pace and tone of your speech is just right. If you lack the energy, the person on the other line may simply hang up on you and not be interested with what you have to say. 

 ·         Ask questions which have answers that may lead to a need to have your product or service.  

If you’re selling natural health supplements which help fight fatigue, for example, ask leading questions. Instead of asking whether the customer tried supplements with so-and-so ingredients, ask how many times the other person lacked the energy or time to fulfil an obligation as a parent. When you have an answer, this is where you can follow up with leading questions, after which you can ask if they are interested with the product which addresses such lack of energy.


·         Maintain that high level of energy when placing calls.  

If you don’t want someone to immediately hang up on you, doing a cold call which has a high level of energy, will maintain a good level or pace for the conversation.


Cold calling may sound like a traditional, obsolete way of doing business but it actually still works. As long as you have the right tools and you know exactly which benefits to sell, you should be able to make a go out of using cold calling for selling your products or services.