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Is It the End of “Office Dress Codes”?

Posted by Ross Devine on Monday, June 27, 2016, In : Sales Recruitment Advice 

We decided to approach Marinda, who is an Image Consultant that specializes in presentation skills, to assist us in answering this question. Her response was as follows:

“Organisations invest substantial budgets in establishing a strong company image or brand. Companies realise that their clients buying decisions are influenced by how well they relate to the brand, and how credible and trustworthy they perceive the brand to be.”

“As individuals, our success will be impacted by our o...

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“To Degree, or not to Degree?”

Posted by Jeande Luck on Tuesday, June 7, 2016, In : Sales Recruitment Advice 

A successful Sales person knows that they can grow their income with the help of a ‘Golden Key’ know as commission… But does a degree guarantee a Sales person a higher salary? According to the United States Department of Labour, the tenth highest earning occupation that does not require a degree, is a career in Sales. Well-known companies such as Google, Penguin and Ernst & Young, have done away with only hiring graduates with a tertiary education as “there is no evidence that success...

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Employer Induction of New Sales Staff

Posted by Ross Devine on Friday, July 5, 2013, In : Sales Recruitment Advice 

You just got hired as part of a company’s sales staff. It’s your first day and one harassed-looking employee got assigned to give you the orientation. It turned out that there’s no computer, no phone and not much of anything on the ‘desk’ that is supposed to be the new hire’s office. 

This is one possible scenario that you need to prepare for as a new hire. Although there are some companies which conduct thorough orientation sessions for new hires, most of them are ill-prepared...

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Sales are down!

Posted by Ross Devine on Monday, November 29, 2010, In : Sales Recruitment Advice 
If sales are down one should consider the products and services that you sell and the pricing model. If you have faith in your offering, then take a good hard look at your sales team and at yourself. The 80/20 principle applies not only in business but also with regards to most companies sales performers. 20% of your sales staff most likely brings in 80% of the revenue.

Make sure the next sales person you hire is an asset rather than a liability.

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