A successful Sales person knows that they can grow their income with the help of a ‘Golden Key’ know as commission… But does a degree guarantee a Sales person a higher salary? According to the United States Department of Labour, the tenth highest earning occupation that does not require a degree, is a career in Sales. Well-known companies such as Google, Penguin and Ernst & Young, have done away with only hiring graduates with a tertiary education as “there is no evidence that success at university correlates with achievement in later life.”

YES, a tertiary education gives you something other than experience to your name.

BUT if you don’t have a specialized qualification then what’s the point?

South Africa has recently become aware of the overwhelming increase in student debt, with students from eight of SA’s top institutes owing over R711 million on tuition fees and loans. If an education doesn’t guarantee your success, why not educate yourself with work experience instead?

We would suggest that you look into the Sales industry. Sales allows you the freedom to set your goals, the flexibility of being out of the office, the attraction of writing your own cheque, and an opportunity to manage oneself as if you were running your own small business.

 A Career in Sales Requires 4 Things:

  • Creativity… which most youngsters possess
  • Communication Skills… achievable with a little practice
  • Adaptability… this should come naturally since we live in an ever-changing world
  • Accountability… which means taking responsibility for your actions